Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chevron Decoration

Chevron Pattern Is My Favorite Thing To Decorate With

Whenever I am in Hobby Lobby I go to the clearance section to see what I can get for a dollar or less.  I love to make something fun for my home decor.

This wooden decoration was on sale for $1.00

I could make my own wood background, but the fact that it already has a ribbon attached for hanging and a stand, makes it worth the purchase.

I have no use for the letter "I", but I will save it in my craft scraps because you never know in the future what this wooden "I" might become.  

I purchased a cardboard "H" at Hobby Lobby to go along with this project.

I have some awesome Chevron Wrapping Paper that I will never use to actually wrap gifts with, because I love the pattern too much to waist it on gifts.  I have used it for all kinds of projects already and will continue to use it until the last scrap has been turned into something fun.  It is a heavy duty paper so that makes it easier to Modge Podge.

To attached the wrapping paper to my board I used a very strong spray glue.  Make sure you spray in a well ventilated area and in a box so the spray off doesn't end up getting stuck all over your work space.  

Attach the paper with extra hanging over the edge. Trim with an x acto knife.
The edges of this wood is rounded so I needed to cut inside the edge a little bit.

Spray the letter with a couple of very light coats of spray paint

I used a sharpie and a piece of cardboard to draw a very straight line along the edge of the paper so you can't tell where there were rough edges on the wrapping paper.

Modge Podge The Paper

Hot glue the letter to the board.  I also hot glued  a little bling.

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