Friday, April 4, 2014

Super Hero

Dealing with Alzheimer's

My mother is struggling with the effects of Alzheimer's.  It is an awful thing to have, but we try and look on the bright side of things as much as we can.  Whenever there is bad news, we can tell it to her once and she usually forgets it anyway.  We can give good news to her over and over again and every time she is excited as if it is the first time she heard it, because sometimes to her, it is.

Seth and Grandma Polly at the Omaha Zoo

Grant and Grandma Polly

Grandma Loves the Zoo

My Mom loves the Giraffes, the only problem is, they are located on the far end of the zoo
and it is quite a hike to get there.
The good thing about Alzheimer's is she forgets how grueling the hike is and just keeps going. 

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