Monday, December 8, 2014

Bomb Threat - What would you do?

I just found out there is a bomb threat at my son's school.  Some parents are picking up their kids.  What would you do if this were you?  This is a copy of the article that was posted a few minutes ago.

Bomb Threat Tweets Put Police & School On Alert

Updated: Mon 1:08 PM, Dec 08, 2014

By: LeAnne Morman

Three tweets threatening sent Monday morning warning of a bomb at Papillion La Vista South High School are being investigated by school administration and police.

Papillion La Vista Schools spokesperson Annette Eyman says the tweets came in one after another on Monday, from an account that was newly created. That account has since been taken off Twitter.

Papillion police searched the school, finding nothing. There are extra law enforcement officers at the school today and the FBI has been contacted. Investigators are working to determine the individual who sent the tweets.

The tweets were from a twitter account and read, in part, "@PLSHSTitans I am serious, I will bomb the school during the day and shooters will be in the building this week, watch out here I come."

"I have bombs made. This week I will bomb the school and put lives in danger, watch out."

An email was sent to parents and an announcement was made to students of the threat, however, school remains in session. Eyman said, "If parents want to call their children out of school, it's certainly the parents' choice as always."

Another News Post

By Marjorie Sturgeon. CREATED 1:21 PM

PAPILLION, Neb. (KMTV) – School officials are investigating threatening Twitter posts directed at Papillion-La Vista South High School.

A spokesperson for the school district says authorities were notified about Twitter posts after they were discovered Sunday afternoon. The district also sent an email to parents Monday:

"We want to make you aware of a situation we are dealing with at Papillion-La Vista South. An anonymous bomb threat was made to our school on social media. Law enforcement was immediately contacted and they are aggressively investigating the situation. We do have additional police presence at the school today. We can assure you we are working with the police to do everything possible to identify the source of the threat. We want to assure you that we are taking all measures to make sure our students and staff are safe and continue to operate in a normal fashion. We ask for your cooperation to help keep this situation in perspective and if your child has any information, please contact a school principal. Thank you for your support and we will keep you informed as more information becomes available."

The posts made on a Twitter account that has been suspended made reference to bombs and a shooting at the school.

Police searched the school, but didn't find anything suspicious, according to school officials.

The FBI and local police are investigating.

Update.  At 9:00 p.m. the student was tracked down and caught.  It was a hoax.

Kansas City With Friends 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I Appreciate the Small and Simple Things In Life

When I was a young girl growing up on a small farm in Idaho, finances were tight. My parents had four children in four years and then one every other year until all nine children were born. I am the third of nine. As I think back on those years, I didn't know then how the struggles at such a young age were actually strengthening me and preparing me to appreciate the small things in life.

Saturday my sons Nathan, Grant and I watched the movie “Karate Kid.” As I was watching it with them, I started to think of the great principle taught. In the movie a young boy named Daniel wanted to learn karate. He asked an old man named Mr. Miyagi to teach him. Mr. Miyagi tells Daniel if he is going to train him, he needs to do whatever he tells him, no questions asked. First Mr. Miyagi has Daniel wash and wax a whole line of cars, all in a particularly unnatural motion using both hands. Wax on right hand, wax off, left hand.

Then he is told to sand a large walkway, paint a huge fence, and finally paint an entire house.  Each new task given, Daniel was told to do the chores in an unusual way.  Finally, when he was almost done with the house, Daniel gets angry.  He thinks he is being taken advantage of as slave labor.  Mr. Miyagi then proceeds to show Daniel all his hard work has actually strengthened him and trained him.  He instinctively is able to do karate because his muscles have been taught the correct movements.

I think growing up with very little has done the same for me.  I was taught, through lots of hard times, how to become stronger.  Even though I am stronger, I have still never forgotten what it felt like to want.  As a very young child, we rarely used the heat in our rented farm house because it cost too much money. We would cut down old trees in the woods or on the farm, haul the wood back to the house, stack it, chop it and heat the house with a wood burning stove.  Just getting the house warm was a lot of work.  

I remember on very rare occasions my mom would turn on the heat in the morning, just until a fire could be built.  We had one floor heat vent in the house.  To me, there was nothing better in the entire universe than standing on that heat vent in my night gown and letting the heat cover my entire body.  My nightgown would balloon out and dance around and the joy from this was immeasurable.  There was only one problem, I also had two other sisters and two brothers who wanted a turn on the same heat vent and the heat would only be on for about 10 minutes, so we would each get about 30 seconds and then it would be time to rotate.

This is the house I grew up in.  It has been renovated, updated and moved onto a new foundation, but it still brings back many memories.

I can remember thinking, when I grow up I want a house with lots of floor heat vents, and I want to sit on the heater until the inside of my soul is warmed up.  To me, that would be an example of pure joy.  Now, all these years later, I still remember the wish of my young childish desire.  I do have a house with a lot of floor heat vents, and I still do not take for granted the absolute joy of sitting on them on a cold brisk morning. Throwing a blanket over me to help direct the heat now takes the place of the nightgown, but the joy is still the same.  I don’t think there will ever come a time in my life that I will not appreciate simple basic things and heat in my house on a cold winters’ day is at the top of my list.

Who’s with me?  Is there anything in the world better than a blanket and a floor heat vent?

The weather outside is cold. 

This picture was taken today out my back window.  BURR!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Use Time Wisely

Of all the articles I have read, none has made me think quite as much as a talk given by Henry B Eyring called, "Children of Promise".  Two things really stand out to me from that talk.

1.  President Wilford Woodruff gave this report in general conference in 1896.
Joseph Smith continued visiting myself and others up to a certain time, and then it stopped. The last time I saw him was in heaven. In the night vision I saw him at the door of the temple in heaven. He came to me and spoke to me. He said he could not stop to talk with me because he was in a hurry. The next man I met was Father Smith; he could not talk with me because he was in a hurry. I met half a dozen brethren who had held high positions on earth, and none of them could stop to talk with me because they were in a hurry. I was much astonished. By and by I saw the Prophet again and I got the privilege of asking him a question.

“Now,” said I, “I want to know why you are in a hurry? I have been in a hurry all my life; but I expected my hurry would be over when I got into the kingdom of heaven, if I ever did.”

Joseph said: “I will tell you, Brother Woodruff. Every dispensation that has had the priesthood on the earth and has gone into the celestial kingdom has had a certain amount of work to do to prepare to go to the earth with the Savior when he goes to reign on the earth. Each dispensation has had ample time to do this work. We have not. We are the last dispensation, and so much work has to be done, and we need to be in a hurry in order to accomplish it.”

Of course, that was satisfactory, but it was new doctrine to me.[Discourses of Wilford Woodruff, sel. G. Homer Durham (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1946), pp. 288–89]

2. A personal story about Henry B Eyring when he was in his youth.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Never Make the Same Mistake Once

Boyd K Packer

Sometimes we run the risk of making uninspired choices and become fools if we do not incorporate prayer and invite the spirit. I was thinking about how important it is to stay clean so the spirit will strive with me. As I was studying in the Book of Mormon the other day, I realized I was a little out of tune so to speak. It was like I was trying to listen to a radio but I wasn't completely on the right channel. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and why I wasn't feeling the fullness of the spirit. I decided to search my life and make sure there was not anything I needed to repent of that I had not taken to the Lord. I remembered something earlier in the week, not a huge thing, but big enough to block out the spirit because I knew better. I decided to rectify and repent. Upon doing this I thought of the quote I have on my mirror that I look at every day. It is from Boyd K Packer. He said, "never make the same mistake once." I made a mistake and I knew better. I wish I hadn't and I am determined not to make that same mistake again. I want to be able to receive answers to my prayers and I know I can if I keep myself clean and pure.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

No Soliciting Unless...

I have noticed that it is becoming popular to see signs outside of many doors with No Soliciting notices on them.  This has been a trend for many, many years, but more recently I have seen signs with an amendment to the no soliciting sign.  I have seen a lot of different versions of these, but most of them have something that indicates that if you are selling girls scout cookies, you can ring the bell but not if you want to talk about Christ.

In my church we talk a lot about Christ and if you want to come up to my door or write a post on my blog, and talk to me about the Savior, I welcome you with open arms day or night.  In the Book of Mormon there is a scripture that explains why.  It is in 2 Nephi 25:26, it says, 

“And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.”

I know a lot of my friends who are not of my faith often wonder why we spend so much time trying to share our beliefs with others.  There is an article that explains it so well, called “Come and See,”  If you read this article or watch the video, it will explain why my “No Soliciting Sign” has an exemption to anyone who wants to talk about the Savior.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

General Conference Memes 2014

I love the talk given by Boyd K Packer during General Conference.  So much of the time we get caught up on who has wronged us and we want to see them pay a huge price.

Spiritual Light Is A Quest of a Lifetime- Elder Deiter F. Uchtdorf

 When we assist Him in His mission of saving souls, we too will be rescued in the process.

If you want to recognize spiritual truth you must use the right instruments.  Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Planning Out My Menu for Conference

I found this recipe on Pinterest.
Since the weather is getting cooler I start to crave soups and stews.
This is a chicken, mushroom and pumpkin Stew

Easy way to make a fun roll

It is a tradition for us to eat Angel Food Cake while watching conference

Copy, paste, print

I Have The Best Sister In The World - Humor

I Wonder If My Sister Would Say The Same About Me?

October- Printable Visiting Teaching Message 2014

October Visiting Teaching Message
Feel Free To Copy and Email, Facebook, or Print

Monday, September 22, 2014

Honest People

Honest people don't practice what they preach, they are what they preach.  David A. Benar.

Where Do You Find The Answers To Life's Questions?

A Worn Out Bible
Is One Sign of a Disciple of Christ

Many times in our lives we are looking for the best of something.  It might be the best friend, the best book to read, the best use of our time, the best joke of the day, the best decoration to make, the best recipe to cook and so on.  My suggestion is in order to find the best of anything, you need to first figure out the best source.  In the bible, over and over again, great things happened with women at the well.  I do not think this is a coincidence.  Great things happened at the well in part because great people are found at the well.  Those women who went to the well were women willing to work and serve and therefore were prepared for greater things.

I think the same can be said for just about anything thing we are searching for.  Our source for the information we pursue in life needs to be a good source.  There are many things that don't really matter that much.  If you don't have the very best caramel corn recipe known to man, a pretty good recipe will be just fine, but when it comes to spiritual matters, being led to the best sources are very important.

Looking for the Best of the Best
Have You Looked By The Well?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Girls Night Out- How to host a great Fall Social

We have had so many new ladies move into our area we decided to have a Fall Social to get to know each other better.

We started out with an apple theme.

Next we needed to secure a location.

My neighbors cleaned out barn was perfect.

Melted caramel, chocolate and cream cheese dips were on one table

Additional toppings were offered on another table, 

along with hot chocolate and ice water

On the table there were mason jars filled with getting to know you questions.
Each lady took two questions out of the jar.
We then went around the table answering the questions.
It was a great icebreaker

After we were done eating, we cleared the tables out of the center of the room, made one large circle and played a game as a large group.  It was the "I Never" game.  We had so much fun laughing and running around, before we knew it the clock struck 10:00.  Not too late, but for a school night and the crowd being a bunch of moms and ladies with jobs we knew all good things must come to an end.  No one wanted to leave we had so much fun.  Now that's a great way to host a party!  A special shout out to Kelsey Hadley for organizing and planning this fabulous event!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doughnut Tire Swing!

How to Make a Doughnut Tire Swing

Get an old truck tire and scrub it with soapy water.Let Dry Completely

Drill some large holes all around one side of the tire.The hole side will be on the back side of the swing.
The holes will keep water from collecting inside the tire.

It also help keep mosquito's from nesting in your swing.

Paint the side of the tire that has the holes the color you want your doughnut to be.

We chose a golden yellow. Let Dry.

Flip tire over and paint the"glazed" frosting color.
We liked chocolate brown.
Paint it wavy to look like it's dripping down in the edges.
Once the"chocolate"color is dry, add sprinkles with a small sponge brush.
Use all different colors.
Once that is dry, spray with a clear coat of polyurethane spray paint.
This helps keep paint from peeling.

Now your tire swing is ready to hang.
We will give hanging instructions soon.

Guest Post by Christie Call

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Cousin Lynell

My Cousin Lynell

Who In Your Life Inspires You?

I recently was talking to a friend of mine and told her something about a cousin of mine. She was surprised at how close I was to my cousins. She went on to say that she didn’t even know most of her cousin’s names, and certainly didn’t have a relationship with them. She went on to say, she wouldn’t even recognize them if she passed them on the street. This completely shocked me, because to me, my cousins were and still are my world. The way I think, the decisions I make, and the person I am now, and continue to be are all very closely intertwined with the relationship I have with my family, including my cousins. My world when I was growing up consisted in large part to counting down the days until the next time I would see my cousins. The time in-between visits were filled with letters and cards. We would write to each other and think about each other often.

Lynell was about 6 years older than me. When you are a child, it seems like a very large gap. She could babysit after all. She was always so much fun and so wise. I remember watching a cartoon when I was young and in the cartoon there was an owl. I don’t remember very many details of the cartoon except to say, that whenever there was council needed, the children would go to the wise old owl. I knew that I had a wise owl in my life and for me that was Lynell. I used to ask her so many questions. Surely I must have worn her out, but she was so calm and patient with me. Her family did a lot of traveling. I wanted so much to be able to travel and in some small way I got to, through her eyes. She would tell me stories in great detail of what it was like in different places she had been.

When I think of Lynell in my younger years, I remember she was always in the middle of a book. I saw her reading all the time. I thought it was the most curious occurrence, because to me reading seemed so boring and the only people I knew who did read were old. I always thought reading was only for them, but Lynell didn’t seem that old and yet there she was reading a book. Not just any book either, her books were thick and didn’t even have pictures. I decided in my mind right then and there, that one day, when I was older and a better reader, I was going to try it out myself.

To this day one of my favorite things in the world is to curl up with a book and lose myself in the wonderful world of a great novel. I have become an avid reader. It is almost like there is a feeling of anxiety deep in my inner soul. It feels sort of like a pain or a feeling of starvation, but it’s not hunger, pain, or anything of the kind. It is a driving force in my mind that can only be satisfied by a good book. Each night as I get ready for bed, I can’t even consider drifting off to sleep without reading at least one chapter of something, in order to calm the hungry thirst in my soul. Many nights of my life, when I am in the middle of a great novel, I sacrifice sleep completely. I can’t even count how many times my husband’s alarm has gone off in the early hours of the morning and I come to the realization that once again I had been up all night reading.

In large part I now recognize my desire to give reading a try as an enjoyable hobby, was first sparked by my memories of my cousin Lynell. Her example was the reason I decided to crack open a book, not because it was a school requirement, or because there was nothing better to do, but because I was curious to find out why anyone would choose reading as a good use of their time. I had a desire to find out for myself if it was a worthy cause back when I was very young and as you can tell the answer for me then and still is today a resounding yes. Thank you Lynell!

Do You Love To Read?

Do You Understand What It Feels Like To Ache 

For A Good Book To Read?