Monday, July 28, 2014

Future DIY Projects

This summer I have taken a break from DIY projects.  My second son is preparing to serve a full time mission for our church and it has taken all my efforts to help him get the necessary shopping and planning done.  He will be leaving in a few weeks and my other boys will be going back to school so I will be starting up on DIY projects around the house.  Now I just have to narrow down what to take on first.  I have a limited budget and the outdoor projects have to be done before the snow flies, which in Nebraska can be as soon as October.  I would love to have your opinion.  Should I take on the lousy kitchen counter-tops, refinish my table, or do an outside project?  I have to decide whether I am going to do home upgrades, or fun recipes as my next obsession.  Let me know what you prefer:)

Here are some things I found on Pinterest that interest me...

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  1. I vote the garage door or the taped/stained concrete porch. :)