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Train Up a Child - Guest Post by Sara Westbrook

Thank you Sara for this wonderful guest post.

You are such an awesome writer and great sister!

I believe in quality time. As the youngest of nine children, time, with my parents, was often in short supply, but my dad still made it a priority to spend time with each of us. Dad worked long hard hours Monday through Saturday which meant he couldn't take me to ice cream or skating at the rink. Instead, he would come home and say, “Sara, come take a ride with me in my pickup.” I would go hop into his fire engine red pickup, that always smelled like pine tree air fresheners, and away we’d go. He was still working when he invited me on these rides, but I didn't mind. It didn't matter where we went or what we did as long as we were spending time together. I loved riding with my dad in the pickup.  
Frequently, when I rode with my dad, he struggled to stay awake.  He got up so early each morning that staying alert was sometimes a tricky endeavor. On those occasions, as dad drove, we sang songs at the top of our lungs.  We sang “Loaded sixteen tons and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt…” Dad’s booming voice would hit every low note. Often, we talked about the gospel. Dad loved the scriptures and knew them inside and out. I could ask him any gospel question I could think of, when I rode in that pickup, and he always had an answerIn the truck, there were no distractions. We didn't listen to the radio for amusement, we simply entertained each other. 
We usually traveled to a potato field Dad needed to check on. As we tramped across the dusty spud fields trying to keep from tripping on the vines, Dad taught me about potato yields, fertilizer and the importance of not over-watering. But, more importantly, he taught me about hard worklove, and the importance of making time for one another.  He taught me to believe in quality time and to recognize that spending these quiet moments in the pickup and the fields together really equaled big moments. The time spent with Dad, in his truck, allowed me to see what kind of man my father truly was. He took the time, even though he had to work, to get to know me, to teach me, and to love me. He taught me to believe in quality time.

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Selling on E-Bay Is Harder Than It Looks

For Me, The Jury Is Still Out
I would love to hear your thoughts

I don't know if I am completely crazy, or if I am the only one, but I think there might be others out there who have had struggles figuring out the workings of ebay.

I decided I would try a new challenge in my life.  I have heard about ebay and I might have even purchased something from ebay once years ago, but I have never sold anything.  Last week I put 10 items up for sale on ebay.   As items were sold I started getting messages from the buyers that the Paypal account was not letting them pay for their item.

I spent countless hours looking through and reading ebay and Paypal, checking to see if they were linked and what the problem could be.  Finally I called the help desk and after an hour of trouble shooting we figured out what was wrong.  It seems crazy to me.

It turns out that you need to have a business account rather than a personal account with Paypal in order to sell items.  Basically the IRS needs to know if you are making money.  I'm fine with this, and it makes sense now, but am I crazy, or does it make sense that the EBay system shouldn't even allow you to list items for sale at all on their system until you were set up with the proper account?

Has anyone else had any struggles with this or am I the only one?

Please give me your thoughts.

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Quote of the Day- Once again joke from my teenager

You can tell a lot about a Women's mood by her hands, for instance if she is holding a gun she is probably angry.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seth's Mission Call Is Coming

Seth just got a call from the Stake President who was notified that Seth's mission call was mailed out last Thursday.  We will be seeing it very soon.  Get your predictions in now:)  http://eldersethhackleman.blogspot.com/search/label/predictions

Quote of the Day

You know you can't really trust what you read on the Internet anymore - Abraham Lincoln

My Cousin Kim

My cousin Kim.

Growing up in Aberdeen I was lucky enough to have my grandma and grandpa Beck living in the same town. We lived a couple of miles away from their home until I was in the third grade. At this point we moved to a house and we lived right next door. Grandma and Grandpa were both very loving and caring and taught me by their example.

Aberdeen, Idaho
Since Kim lived in Las Vegas Nevada, we didn’t get to see her very often. In today’s world we could just call, text, skype, email, facebook, or any other form of communication, but back in my younger days we didn't have all of those options. We mostly communicated by writing letters. That was only when we had enough money to buy stamps, which wasn't very often.

I can remember when we first had a telephone installed in our home. Telephones had been invented before I was born, but very few people in Aberdeen Idaho had them when I was real young. When we finally broke down and had one installed, it was a big event, but there was a learning curve to the new device. Even when I graduated from high school and moved away from home we still only had one phone in our home. It was a rotary dial phone. 

Rotary Telephone

During the early years we were on a party line system. Every single home within a few miles radius was on the same party line. Now if you hear the words party line, you think of a political group, but back in the late 60’s we were talking about our phone system. If a person in a “party” or household was talking on the phone, the other families on the same party line would have a busy signal if any outsider tried to call them. If you were the one on the phone, any other family who decided to pick up the phone in their homes would be able to hear your entire phone conversation. If a call was made to a neighbor it would only ring in the home the call was going to, but the call would cause every phone that was on the party line to get a little bleep to their phones. Also, if someone on your party line started dialing the phone it would also bleep. For this reason, you would always know if anyone on your party line was making or receiving a call.

It was very much a part of the culture to listen in on everyone else’s calls, just so you would know what was going on in the neighborhood. No one in our household ever listened in on any calls because my mother was very much against it, not to mention the fact that our household was never quiet, so it was impossible to go undetected. Our phone hung on the wall in the kitchen and had a very short line from the receiver, so you couldn't be more than a foot away from the wall when talking. We did know however when others had been listening in on our calls. They would mention things from the calls in a future conversation. It was a common occurrence and many times the listeners would forget they were eavesdropping when they found certain things out.

If you had an emergency call you needed to make and the line was tied up, you would interrupt the call and tell the neighbors you needed to use the phone. All parties would need to agree to hang up the phones to clear the lines so anther call could be made. After the call went through, then anyone could pick their phone back up and listen in on the call. It was a bit tricky, and had a learning curve but it was possible to listen in and go undetected if you knew how to play the system. If the eavesdropping party picked the phone up too soon, the call would not go through, so you have to start the call again by clearing the lines. Sometimes while dialing, if you didn't keep the consistency of the dialing steady, the call would not go through. If you pushed the circular motion too fast or too slow the call would not go through. Basically, anytime you would try to make a call a person could potentially plan on the call taking three or four tries before it actually went through.

Another problem with the telephones back in those days was if you didn't get the phone hung up all the way. Some of the phones would stick so they looked like they were hung up, but they were actually still off the hook and tying up the line. It’s funny to me to think of the saying, “Your Off The Hook,” which usually means you are no longer being held responsible for something, and yet in reality, if your phone was off the hook, you were the one who was totally responsible. Every few days we would find our phone not working and no one was currently talking on the phone. This is when we would have to use our investigating skills to listen to the background noise to figure out whose house had the phone off the hook. We would then get on our bike, ride to the person’s house and ask them to put their phone back on the hook. More often than not, it was grandma who had accidentally left the phone off the hook.

Telephone Off The Hook

This embarrassed grandma so much. She would realize that she had been tying up the phone, and even worse, all the neighbors could hear her household conversations. For this reason, grandma rarely used the phone. When she did call on the phone, she didn’t stay on any longer than she absolutely had to.

Because of the time I grew up, it made it very hard to keep in close contact with our cousins from Las Vegas. Grandma felt very bad about that. She loved her grandchildren so very much and worried and prayed over them constantly. She had a large bookshelf in her living room that she proudly displayed the most current picture of all of her grandchildren, lined up in a row. At one point she had a grandchild in every age. Danny, David, Laurie, Kim, Tony, Pollyanna, Doug, Christie, Amy, Jeremy, Derik, Aaron, Joel, Jared, Daniel, Sara.

She also had a large full length mirror in the living room. Taped to this mirror she kept the pictures of Laurie, Kim, Doug, and Derik. I used to ask her why these were the only pictures she had on her mirror and she said she kept them there because they lived the farthest away so she needed to remember them the most.

Many times while we were spending time with grandma, she would call my sister Christie by the name of Kim by accident. Grandma told Christie she couldn’t help it because Christie reminded her of Kim. Christie and Kim both had dimples and looked somewhat alike. Grandma said they both walked across the floor with grace and elegance. As grandma would watch Christie, many times I saw her secretly crying. I would ask her what was wrong, and she would always try to hide her tears. The only think she would ever tell me was she just missed Mel’s children so much.

When Kim did come to visit, we would all be so excited we could hardly sleep. We would go over to Grandma’s house to help her get ready for “company.” Grandma always kept a very clean house, but when company was coming she did an extra special cooking and cleaning regimen. She wouldn't even take a small break each day like she normally would to watch her favorite television program, “The Price Is Right.” She would work around the clock in preparation mode. Grandma would wash and iron everything, including all the bedding, drapes, table clothes, napkins, etc. She would cook up the most fabulous foods like pies, cookies, cakes and rolls. She would take special care in making sure there were healthy options prepped and ready to eat as well. She would clean and cut carrots, radishes, and celery and put them in ice-water in a mason jar in the fridge. Grandma didn’t drive until she was in her 80’s and she had such a large honey do list for grandma so we would take grandma to the store to grocery shop too. When the cousins were coming into town, she would only buy the name brand items at the grocery store. She would tell us she rarely got to see them so nothing but the best for Melvin’s kids.

The sad thing was, she would wear herself out so much getting ready for them to come, that by the time they actually came, she would fall asleep in her chair with us playing all around her.

One Beck family tradition we had was for Melvin to bring his kids and Lucille to bring her kids for opening day of fishing season. This is the one time a year we would strive to all be together. I remember one year Kim told me she had a cookie in her van and wanted to know if I would like one. Of course I did, so we snuck off to the van to get a secret treat. To my utter amazement, it was a store bought cookie. To my best recollection, it was the first time in my life I had ever had a store bought cookie. I don’t know how old I was, but I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Kim also introduced us to the baton. We had never heard or seen a baton routine before Kim. A few years later there was an episode on the Brady Bunch where they were twirling a baton, and I thought to myself, well, hey, I already know all about that, because my cousin Kim taught me how to twirl. She brought her baton and taught us a few moves so we of course had to have one for Christmas the next year. We would practice and practice and try to be just like Kim. The only one who ever really mastered the art was Christie, but I knew that would be the case, because of course, she was “graceful like Kim.”

Kim Taught Us How to Twirl a Baton

Many years later after we were all adults I found out some very sad things about Kim. She had some very tough times including an abusive husband. In fact the anti stalking laws in the state of Nevada were instituted to protect women after an incident that happened to Kim. I am so sorry that we were not in closer contact and able to help her in that horrible time in her life.

I am very grateful to call her my relative. I sure wish we lived closer.

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Silver Back Gorillas - Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska

Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska
Silver Back Gorillas

We went to the zoo yesterday and had such a good time.  The silver back gorillas are always so much fun.  The Omaha Zoo has such a great exhibit with a lot of glass walls so you can get up close and personal with the gorillas.  For some reason, the gorillas always love Seth.  I caught a few of the interactions on video.

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Joke of the Day

Onion Joke

Seth's Mission Blog

My second oldest son just sent his papers off to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It is a big deal in our lives.  His older brother Jaren is currently serving in Lima Peru on a mission.  Jaren's blog is http://jarenhackleman.blogspot.com.  He has been there for one year and has one more year to go.  I Started a blog for Seth for his mission.  He sent out his papers and is currently waiting for his mission call.  If you would like to add a prediction of where in the world he will be sent on a mission feel free to add a comment to his blog.  http://elderhackleman.blogspot.com/

Seth Hackleman Senior Picture

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Teen Humor

You know you have a teenager living in your home when they come home from school with this joke.

My Life Story, (Memories) One Cousin at a Time - Laurie

When I think of my cousin Laurie, I can't help but giggle to myself.  She was a lot of fun, but she must have thought we Idahoans were backward and weird.  If she did, she never made us feel that way, I am just saying, knowing what I know now, I would have found us weird. When I was young she lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was amazing that I grew up in Idaho but had cousins that lived in Nevada on both my mom’s side of the family as well as my dads’. It was very confusing to me when I was real little as to why they were not related to each other since they were related to me, especially since they both lived in Las Vegas. I eventually decided it was just too complex and I would figure it out when I was older.

Laurie was the older, wiser cousin who could really teach me the ins and outs of what it was like outside my own private Idaho. For instance, I always had a million questions about the big city. One day she told me, that the name was "Las Vegas," but there was no reason to keep calling it that. Locals just said, “Vegas.” She had a lot of very important insights. Let me give you an example, but this example will be preceded with a back story.

Growing up on a farm with eight siblings, we had a regular ritual that happened each and every Saturday. You see to us, Saturday was a special day, it was the day we got ready for Sunday. In fact we often sang a song about it. The lyrics go like this:

Saturday is a special day,
It's the day we get ready for Sunday,
We clean the house, and we shop at the store,
So we won't have to work until Monday,
We brush our clothes, and we shine our shoes,
And we call it our get-the-work-done day,
Then we trim our nails, and we shampoo our hair,
So we can be ready for Sunday!

We actually did all those things, with the exception of brushing our clothes, we washed instead of brushing, but it was all done on Saturday. In our home after our Saturday chores and baths were done, we would sit in a chair and mom would put our hair in rollers. We slept on them and in the morning we had curly hair for our church meetings.

On Saturday evenings my mom would roll our wet hair into rollers and we would sleep on them.  It was always the worst night sleep.  It felt like sleeping on rocks.  I also hated curly hair, but that's the way it was.

As we were waiting our turn to get our hair done, we would watch two shows on television. One was The Lawrence Welk Show and the other was Emergency. We didn't watch TV very often so this was a real treat. While watching Emergency, I was able to see what it was like in big city life, but to be honest; it gave me more questions than answers. The part that peaked my interest the most was the fancy hospitals with fancy uniforms.

Look at this awesome uniform.
Anyone can see that the nurses hat is a dream dress up outfit.

Laurie, was the one to go to. She knew all the answers to my questions. First of all, she was so wise, not to mention, her mother was a real nurse who wore real uniforms. In Aberdeen we didn't have a hospital or a clinic. The closest hospital was in American Falls, and it was just a small community hospital and they didn't wear uniforms. I loved the look of the nurse’s hats. My sister’s and I would try and make our own nurse’s hat, but we couldn't figure out how those darn things stayed on their heads.

Laurie was able to explain this major mystery to me, bobby pins where the secret trick. 

We made nurses hats out of paper and pinned them on our heads and pretended to be Aunt Carol. Over the next few years there were a few television shows that even had chase scenes in Vegas and they filmed in the actual hospital Aunt Carol worked at. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that this made Laurie the absolute authority to all things television in my eyes.

The other thing Laurie taught us about was fashion and style. She knew what was going to be “trending” in Aberdeen years before it ever made it there because it was popular in the big cities first. We were lucky enough to get hand me down clothes from Laurie and Kim and by the time they got to us, they were just coming into style in Aberdeen. Talk about a sweet arrangement!

I remember when she told me that the next big fad was Levi’s 501 jeans.

I could hardly believe my ears. Why on earth would anyone where those I wondered? The only folks that would be caught dead in them in Aberdeen were old worn-out farmers. I was so sure this fad would never make it all the way to Idaho, but just to be safe, I kept a pair of hand me down 501’s in the back of my closet just in case. Boy was I ever wrong. I think if I still had those pair of jeans I could make money today selling them at a Pawn Shop.

Thank you Laurie for all the good memories!

Best Mother's Day Gift Ever - 5 Generation Photos

Great Way to Remember Your Ancestors 

My mom gave each of her children 5 generation photos for a Christmas present.  Of all the gifts I have ever been given, this has to rank up there as one of my favorites.  It stands the test of time.  My brothers also got a 5 generation photo with the men in our family.  Priceless

My mom gave me the pictures, but they were all different sizes and colors.  Two of the photos were actually group shots with other folks.   These are the only known photos of my great and great, great grandmother.  I did some photo manipulating in Photoshop to create head-shots, as well as cloning out the other people.  This is not an easy task, so if you have photos that need Photo-shop, ask for help on this step.

After the photos were all adjusted to the same size and color, I created a page with all the photos in one document, added the borders on each picture to make them appear to be individual.  Then they were all printed out on one continuous page.  One great source for doing this is Walmart Photo Center.  You can add the five photos together and print out a poster sized page.  

Make sure you add the names of all the ancestors and a birthday so they are well documented.

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I Hope They Call Me On A Mission, Missionaries Singing in a Car

Seth's Graduation

We are gearing up for Seth's big graduation party.  I have been searching Pinterest far and wide for just the right decorating ideas and recipes.  I can't believe this school year has flown by.  We had so much fun following Seth around in his high school football career.  He signed on with Peru State to play football.  He is going to serve a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Then when he returns he will pick up the football career.  

Corona Arch - Southern Utah

Unique panorama of Delicate Arch taken by Lynn Melandar after scrambling off trail along an exposed ridge.

Both arches are fairly large with an airplane occasionally flying tourists through the middle of Corona Arch. Corona Arch is also known for "rope swinging". Enjoy!  Thank you Lynn!

My friend posted these on facebook and I thought they were so beautiful. He told me I could include them on my blog. He does sell matted/framed high definition photos or large format canvas prints. I will add the link to where to go to purchase them as soon as he gives it to me.

Inspiration for the Day-Righteous Women

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Deseret New Article Re: Alex Boye "Happy"

Alex Boye and One Voice Children's Choir collaborate again for 'Despicable Me 2' version of 'Happy'

You have got to see this!


This is a must see:)

You've Been Egged

This is a great way to spread Easter cheer
While still remembering the reason for the season

You’ve Been
Open the egg and inside there’ll be
Some treats for you for all to see.
Eat them up, they’re all for you,
And when they are gone don’t feel blue.
Let your empty egg remind you of Christ’s empty tomb, His life, His love

This is a free template that can be copied to your computer and used.
Help spread the Easter Spirit.

Chevron Decoration

Chevron Pattern Is My Favorite Thing To Decorate With

Whenever I am in Hobby Lobby I go to the clearance section to see what I can get for a dollar or less.  I love to make something fun for my home decor.

This wooden decoration was on sale for $1.00

I could make my own wood background, but the fact that it already has a ribbon attached for hanging and a stand, makes it worth the purchase.

I have no use for the letter "I", but I will save it in my craft scraps because you never know in the future what this wooden "I" might become.  

I purchased a cardboard "H" at Hobby Lobby to go along with this project.

I have some awesome Chevron Wrapping Paper that I will never use to actually wrap gifts with, because I love the pattern too much to waist it on gifts.  I have used it for all kinds of projects already and will continue to use it until the last scrap has been turned into something fun.  It is a heavy duty paper so that makes it easier to Modge Podge.

To attached the wrapping paper to my board I used a very strong spray glue.  Make sure you spray in a well ventilated area and in a box so the spray off doesn't end up getting stuck all over your work space.  

Attach the paper with extra hanging over the edge. Trim with an x acto knife.
The edges of this wood is rounded so I needed to cut inside the edge a little bit.

Spray the letter with a couple of very light coats of spray paint

I used a sharpie and a piece of cardboard to draw a very straight line along the edge of the paper so you can't tell where there were rough edges on the wrapping paper.

Modge Podge The Paper

Hot glue the letter to the board.  I also hot glued  a little bling.

Tin Mint Party Favors

Square Mint Tins

You could use Altoids, but they tend to be a little spicy for young children.  If you are making party favors for young children, I would suggest ordering tin mints from Oriental Trading Company.

This could also be an activity at a birthday party.  They are so easy to make and each girl could create their own masterpiece.

The silver stripe is made with tinfoil.

3 Tubes of Glitter Glue from The Dollar Store
Add Foam Sticker Designs and Gems For Extra Fun

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


A Little Humor Goes a Long Way!

DIY Felt Bows

 If you add a bow to your hair, you automatically look like you made an effort.  I love them so much I made one for every color that I could possibly wear.  I also make them for graduation gifts.  If I know where the graduate is going to college, I make a few bows in the colors of the college they will be attending.

You can use regular felt, or felt with a design.  I bought the felt at Walmart.

You can use bobby pins or clips.  I personally prefer the clips.

The bows make great graduation gifts.

I bought the box from Oriental Trading Company

I love the bows so much I made on in every color of the rainbow and every style.  I added gems and pearls to the center for an added embellishment. 

Free Printable Felt Bow Template

Monday, April 7, 2014

Books Are a Party

There is Nothing Quite Like a Good Book!

My Life Story/Memories/One Cousin at a time - Cousin Lisa

Lisa and Her Two Beautiful Daughters

If you were to look in the dictionary for the word happy and you needed a picture to go along with it, then Lisa would be the perfect candidate. Oh, the pure fun and joy we always have when Lisa is around. When we were very little, Lisa would teach us to sing all kinds of fun songs. To this day my kids think I have a song that goes to every situation and in large part that is because of Lisa. Let me name a few: An Old Austrian Went Yodeling on a Mountain So High, Little Baby Chick Chick I See You, My Hat It Has Three Corners, Little Peter Rabbit Had A Fly Upon His Nose. These are just a few of my favorites. We of course had actions to go along with each song. But my favorite memory is when Lisa would sing us to sleep at night. She sang a song that Grandma Johnson had taught us called, “Two Little Boys.” To this day it has a very special place in my heart. I have put my own boys to sleep many times with the song and I even took some pictures of my own kids depicting the scenes as I saw in my mind while listening to the song all those years ago. The original song was written as a very fast jig, but our family always slowed it down into a Lullaby.

Two Little Boys
Two little boys had two little toys
Each had a wooden horse 

Gaily they played each summer's day
Warriors both of course 

One little chap then had a mishap
Broke of his horse's head

Wept for his toy then cried with joy
As his young playmate said

Did you think I would leave you crying 
When there's room on my horse for two 
Climb up here Grant and don't be crying 
I can go just as fast with two 
When we grow up we'll both be soldiers 
And our horses will not be toys 
And I wonder if we'll remember 
When we were two little boys 

Long years had passed, 
War came so fast 
Bravely they marched away 
Cannon roared loud, 
and in the mad crowd 

Wounded and dying Seth lay 

Up goes a shout, 
A horse dashes out 
Out from the ranks so blue 
Gallops away to where Grant lay 
Then came a voice he knew

Did you think I would leave you dying
When there's room on my horse for two
Climb up here Seth, We'll soon be flying
I can go just as fast with two 

Did you say Grant
I'm all a-tremble 
Perhaps it's the battle's noise 
But I think it's that 
I remember 
When we were two little boys

I actually published a book depicting this song, it has photos of my boys and everything. You can download a digital version for free at Smashwords.  It is called, Two Little Boys, by Amy Hackleman.

Lisa and Laura not only had a great relationship with us Beck's, she also was very good friends with my cousins from the other side of the family, namely Danny and David.  In fact, one of Danny and David's best friends in Aberdeen was Layton Anderson, and as it turns out Lisa ended up marrying Layton.  See how great things work out in the long run from the summer visits to Aberdeen.

Since Lisa married Layton, who was an Aberdeen native, she ended up living in Aberdeen a couple of times while I was growing up.  This was a very special treat for me.  We would stay up almost all night playing, "The Farming Game" and listening to Neal Diamond.  I also got so spend quality time with her in my teenage days.

I remember one day she stopped by our house and asked my mom, "Aunt Polly, what are you doing today?"  She was calm and polite as always.  Then she proceeded to ask if we might be able to come over to her house because it was on fire.  Luckily we were able to get it put out without having to call the fire department.