Saturday, April 26, 2014

Selling on E-Bay Is Harder Than It Looks

For Me, The Jury Is Still Out
I would love to hear your thoughts

I don't know if I am completely crazy, or if I am the only one, but I think there might be others out there who have had struggles figuring out the workings of ebay.

I decided I would try a new challenge in my life.  I have heard about ebay and I might have even purchased something from ebay once years ago, but I have never sold anything.  Last week I put 10 items up for sale on ebay.   As items were sold I started getting messages from the buyers that the Paypal account was not letting them pay for their item.

I spent countless hours looking through and reading ebay and Paypal, checking to see if they were linked and what the problem could be.  Finally I called the help desk and after an hour of trouble shooting we figured out what was wrong.  It seems crazy to me.

It turns out that you need to have a business account rather than a personal account with Paypal in order to sell items.  Basically the IRS needs to know if you are making money.  I'm fine with this, and it makes sense now, but am I crazy, or does it make sense that the EBay system shouldn't even allow you to list items for sale at all on their system until you were set up with the proper account?

Has anyone else had any struggles with this or am I the only one?

Please give me your thoughts.

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