Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Host A Party for 13 Year Old Boys

Hosting a birthday party for a 13 year old boy is not an easy task.  Figuring out what will be fun but not childish was a real challenge.  We discussed different options and none of them seemed to be a good option.  My son first thought about inviting 12 of his friends to go to the movie and out for pizza.  This isn't exactly an exciting option and it can end up costing an arm and a leg.  He then decided going to a local indoor trampoline fun house sounded fun.  Again, the cost can really end up being steep and it doesn't always turn out to be that fun anyway.  You are lumped in with lots of other folks.

What to do, what to do?  My son Grant had been saving his money for quite some time to buy a new air-soft gun.  Finally it hit me.  Most of Grant's friends also had air-soft guns.  We could host a birthday/air-soft gun party.  We have a large fenced in back yard so they could play the games there.  The only problem is, there wouldn't be anywhere for safety or places to hide.  This is when my creativity started coming out.  Grant and I decided to build bases and forts out of free pallets.  We also found an old dump pile with some thrown out siding.  We had some paint we were not using in the garage, so we put all our free products together to create a fabulous birthday extravaganza.  

Grant painting some old siding we found in a dump pile.
We nailed the siding to some pallets

Siding and Cardboard Were Both Used
Staple or Nail to the Pallets
Drive Stakes in the Ground with Half of the Stake Extending Above Ground
Place the Pallets Over the Stakes to Hold Them Upright

Make Sure Everyone Playing Air-Soft Has Goggles or Glasses
Pick Up Extra Pairs of Sunglasses at The Dollar Store To Have On Hand
Place Two Different Colors of Bandannas in a Bag
Each Person Draws A Bandanna Out of the Bag to Determine Teams

Do Not Leave the Boys to Their Own Devices
Organized Games Work the Best
We Had Two 18 Year Old Boys Wearing Whistles Who
Worked as Referees and Game Coordinators

I Made Homemade Pizza and Camouflage Cupcakes
I Also Provided Plenty of Drinks and Popcorn

I Have Never Seen 13 Year Old Boys Have So Much Fun
I Over Heard a Couple of The Boys Talking
They Said It Was The Funnest Birthday Party They Had Ever Been To

Provide Target Shooting Games, Capture the Flag, Ender's Game, Etc.

How to Host An Air-Soft War-Birthday Party
For 12 Teenage Boys
For Under $100.00

Free Invitation Template

Save To Your Computer and Print

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