Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sidney House Projects

The Wind In Nebraska Took Our Trampoline for A Ride
So We Put it In the Ground

One day while living in Sidney, Nebraska, I found my trampoline across the road hooked on my neighbors truck because the wind had carried it there.  This is when I knew it was time to bury the trampoline.  We didn't want it to cave in, so we decided to make a secure home for it.  We hired a backhoe driver to dig out the hole for us, but we did the rest of the work ourselves.  We used deck grade wood  to build up the interior walls.  We cemented the 8 posts into the ground and then screwed the walls onto the posts.

After the walls were up, we put a weed barrier down and then covered it with rock.  Then we placed the trampoline into the hole.  I can't even begin to tell you how happy we have been with the finished product.  Initially our trampoline had the pad along the edges, but the crazy wind tore it to pieces and as our children got older the need for the pad went away.  I'm sure if we still had very young children we would have replaced it.

It is Nice Because You Can Just Walk Right Onto It

When You Work at Cabela's You Do Crazy Things With Your Bedrooms

I love Stripes, I have a Perfect No Fail Way To Paint Stripes

Stripes Are So Fun

Perfectly painted stripes are not as hard as you think they are.  You just need to do one extra step while painting, and trust me when I tell you, it is worth it.  No matter how good you tape off an area, the paint always seeps through underneath the tape and leaves an uneven looking line.  If you follow these instructions, you will never have that problem again.

After you tape off an area, paint over the line of paint with the same color of paint.  If your wall is white, tape off the area, then paint the edge of the tape with the white paint.  This will enable all the seeping paint to take place with the same color of paint.  Let it dry, then proceed to paint with the other color.  When you remove the tape, the line will be absolutely perfect every time.

If you are painting over a wall that you do not have the original paint color, do not fear, there is a solution.  Tape off the area you want to stripe, and then paint with a clear paint.  This will allow clear paint to seep under the tape and it works just as good.  After it drys, paint your striped color.  Perfection.

I Glued Tissue Paper to the Wall to Give it a Texture, Then Painted Over It
It Looks Like Leather

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