Monday, March 31, 2014

Huaraz, Peru

Wikahuain Ruins, Huaraz, Peru

Wilkahuain National Monument – is a small Wari ruin located north of Huaraz.  It dates from AD 600 to 900.  It is an imitation of the temple Chavin done.  Wilkahuain means ‘grandson’s house.’  The rooms were originally filled with bundles of mummies.  

Ruins, Peru

Huaraz, Peru with HuascarĂ¡n Mountain In The Background

My son, Elder Hackleman, sent these pictures to me today from his mission in Huaraz, Peru.  Huaraz is such a beautiful place and the weather is much cooler than in Lima, since the altitude is so much higher.  It rains a lot, but that is what makes everything so green.

My husband and I plan in visiting next year.  It will be fun to actually see all these fabulous places.  Huaraz is one of Peru's top tourist destinations and I can see why.

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