Friday, April 4, 2014

Amy's Toffee Popcorn Recipe

Amy's Toffee Popcorn Recipe

I know I have a lot of caramel corn recipes on my blog.  The reason is, I love popcorn and each recipe is my favorite for different reasons.  Sometimes I am in the mood for a sticky sweetened condensed milk flavor, that can be made in 5 minutes, but it only has a few hours shelf life.  This one is great if you are having a get together and want something quick and easy.  But sometimes I want a batch of popcorn that has a toffee taste.  This one is not sticky because it is baked.  It takes a lot longer to make, but the shelf life it at least 2 weeks, not that it ever lasts that long around my house.

Whenever I make it, I always double the batch and make some for home and some to give away.

I have another similar recipe for caramel corn.  This one is a toffee recipe.  Some folks might not know there is a difference, but us popcorn lovers do.  It is kind of like when you are picking your Fiddle Faddle.  One is caramel and the other is butter toffee.  There is a difference:)  The recipe is a little bit different but the process of getting to the end result is the same.

Spray a large roasting pan
Pop a lot of popcorn.
I have measurements with the recipe but I personally never use them
I just keep popping until the roaster is 3/4 full
This is enough for a double batch of toffee
Remember to filter out the old maids!

Make sure you cook the toffee in a large sauce pan
It does boil up

When you first start it may look like it is too large, but trust me,
you will be glad for the extra room once you add the baking soda

Pour the toffee over the popcorn and bake

After it is baked, pour out on wax paper to cool

Free Printable Toffee Popcorn Recipe

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