Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wall of Pictures for Under $40.00

Wall of Photos DIY

I love family photos, but it can be very expensive.  I decided to mount my own pictures.  I had a friend take some family photos.  I then had them printed out on poster paper at Walmart.  I even had them printed when they were running a half off sale, but even at full price they are very reasonable.  You can get an 11" x 14" poster printed for $5.86 plus tax.

I bought a large sheet of foam insulation from Home Depot.  A 4' by 8' sheet cost $10.47. This picture is what I still had left over after I mounted all of the posters.  I used spray mount to attach to the foam core and then used an x acto knife and a straight edge to cut them out.  I placed them on a piece of cardboard in my living room to cut them out.  Make sure you spray mount the posters on the foam before you cut them out.  It is much easier that way. Don't use spray mount on carpet.  It does not wash off.  I put down sheets of wrapping paper on my kitchen table to catch the extra spray mount over spray and I also wore gloves to keep the glue from sticking to my fingers.    

Next Mod Podge all of the Posters to give them a Canvas Look.

Add tape along the edge of the posters to give them a black frame line and to help protect the corners.

Add a generous amount of velcro strips to the back of the Foam Boards.  I put both sides on the board so when I attached it to the wall I didn't have to try to line up the two pieces of velcro.  The foam boards are light weight, but they still need quite a bit of velcro to keep them from bowing out.

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