Monday, February 17, 2014

Instructions on How to Make Your Own Red Soled Shoes

Red Soled Shoes DIY

I love the red soled shoes.  I decided to try making my own.  I found my favorite pair and duplicated them.  The pair that looks like this sales for $850.  I bought the shoes at target for $30.  The plastic dip paint cost under $10.  If you add in the cost of the tape I am up to a total of $40.  The best part about it, is it fits in my 5 steps or less category.  It really is an easy shoe to make, but it does take some drying time.  I am not the most patient person, so that was the hard part for me.

I bought these shoes at Target for $30.

They weren't on sale, which breaks one of my rules, 

but I wanted to get started right away.

The red plastic dip spray paint can be found at most stores that sell tools.  Lowes did not carry the color red, but Home Depot did.  I also found that it is sold at Menards along with other tool stores such as Ace Hardware etc.  I love this spray paint because it is a rubber paint so it adds grip to the bottom of the shoe.  The paint is used to add grip to a pair of pliers, but I figured, why not the bottom of my shoe?

The first step is to tape off the edge of the shoe

Next add plastic to the shoe and tape it down as well

Put shoes in a box to collect over spray.
It is strong smelling so you will want to spray outside.

Bring inside to dry.
Repeat every 4 hours until the shoe has desired amount of paint.
Thin coats are best.

Do not cut the DRYING TIME short.
This is hard for me because I become impatient.

The paint will not set well if you don't let it completely dry.
I ended up putting on about 5 coats of paint over 24 hours.

Trim the edge with an X Ac-to Knife. 

While removing the tape pull away from the shoe so it will tear evenly.

I love the Results!

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