Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sugar Cookies!

Sugar Cookies!

There is only one thing that makes me cry like a baby and that is when the doorbell rings and a surprise visitor is at the door with this plate of cookies delivered by a very dear friend who happens to also be a caterer.  My very most favorite treat in the entire world is sugar cookies and I have never had a better one than these.  I will hopefully be able to talk Danae out of the recipe so I can post it here on my blog, but for now, happy days are here again!  If the plate looks lopsided that is because I have already feasted on one of the cookies:)

I can still remember 3 major events in my life that have to do with sugar cookies.  The first one was about 10 years ago.  I was suffering from neck pain and feeling down and out.  The doorbell rang and it was my good friend Crystal with a plate of sugar cookies.  The first awesome happening.  The second one was about 5 years later.  I was visiting my family in Idaho and my sister gave me some really fancy decorated cookies with my name spelled out all on sticks and looking like a flour arrangement, but rather than flowers, they were sugar cookies.  That was the 2nd big event regarding cookies and the third was today when my good friend Danae brought these.  Oh yes, I never forget a good sugar cookie.  I make them a lot, but for some reason they taste better when someone else makes them:)

It you would like a yummy sugar cookie recipe click on the image below, save it to your computer and print it out.  Hope you enjoy:)

Sugar Cookie Recipe

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