Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hair Style Controversy

This cute young boy is my nephew on his first day of school.

This cute young boy was pulled from school because of his hair style.

I saw an article in the news about a little boy who got sent home from his school for his hairstyle and immediately thought of my nephew who is sporting the same do.  I couldn't help but think, wow.  I realize there is a need for rules and regulations, but sometimes a person just needs to use a little common sense and acknowledge that these little boys are darling and don't have any other underlying intention with their hair style of choice.


  1. This is a tough one Amy.
    Everyone wants to be different, including adults. I remember when I was 13, I got a Mohawk cut. My dad was ticked to say the least. It was kind of radical for that time period 1967 and I was living in Montana. Maybe not the greatest place to have that style but I wanted to be different from the rest. I guess the reasoning now that i think about it was to draw more attention to myself in hopes to get a following or more friends because I was different.
    Today with body piercings, colored hair, tattoo's, implants and more it's still hard for me, and I wonder what next. I had bell bottom pants and long hair and was called a Hippie. It was all just to fit into the times.
    I'm totally discussed when I hear that kids are being pulled from school for who they want to be, This is discrimination on not just the pupil but also the parent. Those who impose their Ideals on others need to pull the log out of their own eye and not worry about the splinter that's in their Brother eye.
    And Your Nephew He adorable....

    1. Greg, you make some very good points. Thank you.