Monday, March 9, 2015

Daylight Savings "Tradition"

Daylight Savings Time is For The Birds!

Can anyone think of any good reason to keep the silly ritual that is a law in some of the United States? Arizona and Hawaii are exempt.  The tradition of Daylight Savings has got to go.

I was thinking of the song from Fiddler on the Roof called, “Tradition.” It talks about all the things a Jewish family must do because of tradition. As a society, have we become so engrossed in tradition that we can no longer see reason? The reason for implementing daylight savings time back in the day had to do with saving on candles. Today, most of us do not use candles anymore for our lighting source and I would argue the amount of power used at my home does not change one bit because of daylight savings. I would also be willing to bet the same is true throughout the country, so at this point is there really any benefit to daylight savings?

Let me back the train up to yesterday morning for an example of how silly this “tradition” is for me in my life. First of all, the exact day the “tradition” happens has been moved around to the point I can’t keep track of it anymore. In a world full of DVR’s and internet news, I don’t see much in real time so somehow the daylight savings came to me like a thief in the night. I was caught unaware.

I woke up with my phone saying one time and my husband’s phone saying something different. This was our first clue that daylight savings had arrived. In order to settle the dispute of whose clock was accurate my first instinct was to call the telephone number we used as a kid to get the correct time. It was at this point in my foggy first thing in the morning brain I realized this service probably doesn't exist anymore since it was actually just an operator telling us the time. She would ask us where we lived so she could make sure and tell the correct time zone. This archaic service is no longer needed and I it got me wondering if daylight savings should have gone the way of all the world at the same time dialing zero on your phone would get you to an operator who was a person that actually spoke to you, not a recording.

Once we figured out we had overslept the rest of the morning was a whirlwind of racing around trying to get to meetings we were late for. By lunch time I was starving, only to figure out it wasn't lunch time after all, and don’t even get me started on my poor mother who has Alzheimer's Disease. Daylight savings really messes with her internal clock to the point that she doesn't know the difference between night and day. To be fair, I guess she doesn't with our without daylight savings, but it is fun to add a little extra blame to my point. Speaking of blame, I must add the fact that DLS, (short for Day Light Savings), caused me to drop my toaster strudel frosting side down, on the floor yesterday morning in my mad rush to try and get a bite to eat before my church meetings. Ok, once again, putting blame where it may or may not belong, but I think you are getting my point.

For the sake of Toaster Studel, let’s stop the madness once and for all and abolish the silly “TRADITION” of Day Light Savings Time. Who’s with me?


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