Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Take the Basket Device Challenge

Take the Device Basket Challenge
Try if for one week

If you and your entire family put all your electronic devices in a basket the minute you walk into your home, you will find the atmosphere of the home will change. Whenever you send a text message, play a game, check social media etc. remember to place the device back in the basket as soon as you are finished. 

It will cut down the unreasonable amounts of distractions the devices can cause. The family will be more engaged with each other. Who knows, maybe you will even get something productive done with your spare time.

Message me on my blog after you have taken my challenge and let me know how it goes

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  1. We took a week to gear up to start this challenge. We talked to our teenagers about it last night. Let me just say, it did not go over well. They do not see the benefit of parting with their cell phones. Making hard decisions as parents is not always easy, but even though we might have the silent treatment for a while, we are sticking to our guns. 12 hours down, up-teen to go. To be continued...