Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daddy's Quilts

A terrible tragedy happened in our neighborhood. A father of 4 died while training for a Marathon. One of his young daughters is the one who found him. He collapsed while running on a treadmill.  She has two other siblings who happen to be triplets as well as an older sister. It was such a shock to the entire family. Many children in our church community were deeply distressed and worried about their fellow schoolmates. Coping with the loss of a father is unbelievably overwhelming. We were trying to think of what we could do to help console the family.

It was suggested to me that maybe we could get all of our church ladies together to volunteer to make a quilt for each of the four children out of their fathers clothing. I knew it would be a pretty big undertaking and I’m not in any way a professional seamstress, but I figured if the family would trust us with their father’s clothes, we would give it our best effort.

One person from our ward family, named Erin spearheaded the project. She collected the clothing, found out which clothes meant the most to which child, tagged them with the child’s name and brought the clothes to the church. She also created the pattern we would be using to make the quilts.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Cottonwood Ward, got to work tenderly cutting out quilt squares from the clothing. After the squares were all cut out, we met at the church and sewed the quilts together.

When the quilts were finished, a few of the volunteers met together to present the quilts to the lovely family.

Many of the quilt squares were t-shirts from races.
The father was also an active Lieutenant Colonel in the Military

This is what the quilt looked like before the edges were cut.
After a few washes, the edges fray and make a soft snugly blanket.

Each child picked their favorite clothes that helped them remember their father and how much love he has for them.

We believe a family can be together forever.

But for now, they will be apart for a very long time.
A blanket can help envelope and provide a partial feeling of eternal family love.

Many hands volunteered to cut, sew and cut some more.
Pictured are a small portion of the volunteers.

The triplets and their Mom
Not Pictured, oldest Daughter

Hugs All Around

The light in this sweet boys eyes prove it was all worth it.

Love All Around

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  1. What a wonderful thing you did for this family!! The quilts are so beautiful and will be treasured by the girls!! I know of a few resources that may be helpful to the family...