Friday, April 4, 2014

Thoughts From a Missionary Mom

I have a son serving a mission in Lima, Peru.  Currently he is located in Huaraz.  The past three days there have been some pretty scary stories on the news about severe earthquakes in South America.  One of the rules that go along with being a missionary is that they serve the two years without distractions from home.  We do not talk to the missionaries except on Christmas and Mother’s Day.  We do write letters and emails any time we would like.  He is allowed to write once a week on his preparation day, which for him is on Monday.  So in three days I will be able to get an email telling me what, if any, earthquake stories he has to tell.

There are a few reasons why I am calm.  One, I know that the church has a very elaborate system of keeping track of all of their missionaries.  If there was ever was any trouble, they would contact me immediately.  I also know that as missionaries there are angels all around them helping keep them safe.  And finally, I have great faith in the work.  I know that the Lord’s hand is in the missionary efforts and all things will be for our good.

Because of all of these reasons, I am as calm as a spring morning.  I am grateful my son has chosen this path, and I feel there is no other place in the world that would be better for him at this time in his life than his mission.  

Do The Things That The Savior Would Do
If He Were Ministering Among Us
Elder M. Russell Ballard

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