Monday, April 7, 2014

My Life Story/Memories/One Cousin at a time - Cousin David

David is to the right of the bride

I can’t believe that three brothers could be so different and yet be so awesome in their own way. I remember my Grandma Beck telling me that David was the smartest person she ever knew. I agreed with her, until I met Melinda, David’s wife. I remember we were playing Trivial Pursuit and Melinda knew more than David, so that was amazing to me.

Not only is David smart and is now a Rocket Scientist, he is a lot of fun and always enjoys a good laugh. He has always been one who can take any situation and lighten the mood. I literally laugh out loud when I think of all the funny things involving David.

As I said earlier, music was always a big part of our family and when David was around it was no different. Certain songs remind me of him. The first song that comes to mind when thinking of David is, “The Cats in the Cradle.” We would sing that song as we worked on the farm. David also brought us a record one summer when he came to stay with us. It was called, “Like Unto Us.” This record was made to go along with the seminary program back in 1972. I found a You tube link with the music. It is has a copyright but I will post a section of the sheet music so you will know what it is.

We listened to it over and over until we wore it out. The picture on the front cover of the album looked like David to me and during the winter months when there were long times when we didn’t get to see David, I would hold the album cover and just look at it because I was so homesick for him.

One summer David was determined to learn how to do a back hand spring. He drug a mattress out in the grass and would practice and practice. We ended up having so much fun jumping on that old bed out in the middle of the yard. We didn’t have a trampoline, but we created our own version of one.

After Danny and David got done moving pipe, we would go swimming in the canal. It was a complete riot. On real special occasions we would even take a long two mile drive to the lake and swim there. We didn’t have air conditioning so the only way to combat the crazy heat of the Idaho summer was to swim and that is what we did.

When David was getting ready to go on a mission we had a family home evening about it and we all got to guess where we thought he would be sent. Whoever guessed right got to go on a special date with mom, dad, and David to get a milk shake. I am pleased to announce that I was the big winner. I picked Japan and I was right.

When David went on his mission we found out our letters would be a lot different than when we wrote to Danny on his mission. Danny had gone stateside, but since David was going overseas, we would need to write on very thin paper and use up every square inch of it. We would write letters and even fill in the margins with every bit of information we could think of.

When David got home from his mission he brought us back some great souvenirs’. We each got our very own set of chopsticks. He taught us how to use them and even made us sushi. To this day, I continue to eat with chopsticks whenever I can so I don’t lose the skill, and I LOVE SUSHI. Thank you David.

David taught us how to play Chess but none of us could ever beat him. When he was in college and we were a little older we would practice our skills so when he came to visit we could see if we had advanced enough to compete. I remember at one point David was working on homework and had two games of chess going at the same time with two Beck kids. He also gave himself a handicap at the beginning of the chess game where he only had half the pieces. He still beat us hands down. His mind works like a machine. When Star Trek The Next Generation came out we were all shocked to see they had a cast member that was David to a “T”. Data is the best example of how David’s mind works. Add a sense of humor and they could be twins.

If Data and David played a game of Chess David Would Win

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