Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Visiting Teaching Treat - Caramel Corn

To Go Boxes from Oriental Trading

I order cute packaging items from Oriental Trading in bulk and keep on hand.  I love the to go boxes in all the fun colors.  I always keep a number of different cute boxes and bags on hand.  Once or twice a year I buy a bunch of bulk packages and store them for a rainy day.

The Caramel Corn is Going to be Baked so Fill an all Metal Pan with Popcorn
Before Adding Popcorn, spray the pan with cooking Oil.

Clean up with be a breeze.

Pop the corn in a separate container

Then transfer to the baking dish by hand filtering out all of the old maids

I know it looks like a lot, and this is in fact a double batch, but trust me, if you plan on sharing the popcorn, you want to make a lot because it cooks down, and if your family is like mine, it disappears rather quickly.  Don't worry, it does store for a while after it is baked so live dangerously and make a lot.  If you have extra, make a treat bag for the neighbors, they will appreciate it.

I buy my Popcorn in 50 lb bags at Sam's Club.  The cost is under $30.00 and I can make popcorn until the cows come home with this bag.

Melt Butter or Margarine in Large Sauce Pan over Medium Heat

Now is also the time to start pre-heating your oven to 350 Degrees

Add Karo Syrup and Brown Sugar

Stir Constantly Until Sugar is Disolved

Bring to a Boil and Let it Boil for 3 Minutes

Pour Over Popcorn and Stir Until all the Popcorn is Coated

Cook in pre-heated oven for 10 minutes
Take out of oven and give it a good stir
Put back in the oven for another 10 minutes

Pour out on wax paper to dry
After it is dry break into small sections

Store in Airtight Container

I love the Gallon Sized bags with twist ties.  They are so cheap and I can fit just about anything in them.  I cut off the top to make it just the right size.

Put the Caramel Corn in the Cute Box and You are Ready to Go

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